Jun. 22nd, 2010


Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:53 pm
Title: Immaculate
Pairings: uhhhhhhh...
Summary: Adrian captures Rorschach and uses him as a human incubator for his uber-race eggs. Written for kinkmeme eggfest 2010. Yeah, this was me.
WARNINGS: noncon, body horror, humiliation, depersonalization, bad science. The "I'm-going-to-hell" tag is here for a reason folks; the first sentence should tell you where this is headed, and it doesn't get any better from there.

Walter groaned and squirmed in his bonds as the eggs pumped steadily into his abdominal cavity. )
Title: After the Ball
Pairing: Dan/Rorschach/Laurie
Summary: a sequel to anon's excellent futa!Laurie stories, Surprise! and The After-Party. You should read those first, but here is Our Story Thus Far: Twilight Lady tried to engineer drugged sex between Nite Owl and the teenage Silk Spectre, who turns out to have a cock. Then Rorschach rescued them and everyone had sex. And...go! 

In the shower Laurie slumps against the wall and lets the hot water run over her body. )

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