Nov. 10th, 2009 05:57 pm
TITLE: Spill
FANDOM: Watchmen
PAIRING: Dan/Rorschach
SUMMARY: Just porn. Unredeemed porny porn. Written for kinkmeme.

He's still shuddering, breathing harshy, still reeling and hollow )


Jun. 3rd, 2009 09:32 pm
It's Porn Battle time again, which reminds me that I wrote a little thing for last year's. It's not much, but I'll put it here for the sake of completeness.

Title: Weight
Fandom:Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Summary: My attempt at rectifying the lack of hot fat!Danny fic.

All his girlfriends have been slender. )


May. 13th, 2009 02:16 pm
Title: Ablutions
Fandom: Watchmen
Pairing: Dan/Rorschach preslash
Summary: h/c; pre-Roche; "I made myself a face I could bear to look at in the mirror."

Rorschach is scratching at his face through the mask again. )
Oh god, look what I dug up from the crevices of the internet. This is so old it was originally posted on USENET.

Some explanation: Back in the glory days of alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, JessinEngland posted a K/S story written entirely in Yorkshire dialect. The plot was kind of the Platonic Ideal of a K/S story: shuttlecraft goes down, there's a storm, shelter in cave, acute-onset pon farr, Kirk steps up, the deed gets done, awkward rescue, McCoy says something snarky. Roll Credits. But then everyone had to have a go, in various lingos, dialects and pseudolanguages, from Silicon-Valley-speak to Internet Troll to stage-German, and then someone asked for Ivory Tower post-modern litcrit language and ... well. This was the result. The genre was called Rude Person stories -- that's a reference to another ASCEM injoke, just go with it.

If you're an academic, this is going to be hilarious. Otherwise not so much.

Unpacking Pon Farr:
Kirk, Spock, and the image of the female void

By R. Person, PhD. )
This one became kind of a minor fandom classic for a while. The last line is kind of a borscht-belt punchline, but I still think it works. Written back in 2000 or so when the world was young.

Title: They say of the Elves
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas
ObDisclaim: I'm sorry, Professor. I'm so, so sorry.

Then Gimli bowed low. 'Nay, you are excused for my part, lord,' he said. 'You have chosen the Evening; but my love is given to the Morning. And my heart forebodes that soon it will pass away forever.' -- 'Many Partings,' Book III, LOTR )
So I'm consolidating un-archived fics as I revive this journal. This was written waaaay back in the first weeks of the first season of Smallville. Reckless days, heady nights.

TITLE: What He Wants
SUMMARY: Preslash. Clark figures it out. NOT A SONGFIC. Really.
ObDISCLAIM: not mine, theirs; Superman created by Seigel & Shuster

What He Wants

So I'm at a party at Lex's house. I'm still not sure how I got here. Sure, he invited me; I just don't understand why.more )
Another story from the early, early days of Smallville fandom. I still really like this one.

TITLE: Sleeping on the Wing
SUMMARY: Lex figures it out.
ObDISCLAIM: Not mine, theirs. Superman created by Siegel & Shuster.

``You know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world. To not know why you're here. That's ... that's just an awful feeling.'' --Elijah Price )

His Face

Mar. 17th, 2009 02:51 am
Title: His Face
Pairing: Rorschach/Nite Owl
Author: Brancher
Summary: Dan takes liberties.
Warnings: PWP. Hurt/comfort. Possible OOC sentimentality. I'm clearly going to hell.
ObDisclaim: Ok guys, now go back to Alan Moore and LEAVE ME ALONE.

Note: This was inspired by this piece of gorgeous fanart by [livejournal.com profile] saeryph: click here for pic and fic )
Drabbles for all comers. K/S, X-files, Holmes, Batman, Ninth Doctor, Smallville. Go ahead, ask.

ETA Where "drabble" = "short bit of fic." I'm not counting words.

Taste Test

Jul. 17th, 2005 12:32 pm
I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and then I wrote this.

There's no actual sex in this.

TITLE: Taste Test
Pairing: Charlie/Wonka
Summary: Coming of age.
ObDisclaim: I am so, so, sorry.

They talk about candy all day. )
I want to know the rhythm of his heart;
the weight of his intestines, if he has them;
to photograph the structure of his cells;
to sample his saliva and his semen.
Laid out on my table I would touch him,
mark him, map him, flay him to the bone;
I'd centrifuge his blood to know its substance.
(For this desire, friendship is a penance.)
So known to me and yet so much unknown,
my golden child, beloved specimen;
your secrets are much stranger than my own.
I need to know the truth beneath your skin;
I could go blind for staring at the sun.
Could I unlock you, I would be undone.


Oct. 26th, 2003 10:25 pm
A short scene.

TITLE: Shapes
FANDOM: Diana Wynne Jones, "Eight Days of Luke"
Pairing: Luke/David
ObDisclaim: Diana Wynne Jones is fabulous and you should read her.

``I can turn myself into a wolf, you know,'' Luke murmured. )


Sep. 21st, 2003 09:00 pm
Well, here is some holmesslash for you.

This is the last Holmes/Watson story I wrote. This is perhaps the fanfiction story of mine with which I am most satisfied.

In case you'd like to, the redoubtable Sonia Yang has made it possible for you to read this story in Korean.

ObDISCLAIM: My deepest apologies to ACD, who would no doubt be shocked and horrified.
SUMMARY: Holmes learns a few things. PWP.

My mind, thinks Sherlock Holmes, is blown. )
Some amount of confusion compells me to explain that I meant the last line to be Holmes' attempt at a double entendre.

SUMMARY: Like the title says.

He came to me later that night. )
This is my Holmes genderfuck story, and I'm not sure it quite holds up. I've had some readers complain about my pronoun choices. A better take on the same idea, I think, is the Elusive Lisa's My Infinite Variety, and its sequel Souvenirs.

SUMMARY: After a gunplay on a dangerous case, revelations.

...It was not until we had come safely home to Baker St., the sky outside approaching dawn, that Holmes made his first fatal error. )
Written in spring 2000. Usually I can't slash the Batman; it'd be like writing slash about your dad. Then I read Batman LOTDK # 125, by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett, a story that consisted of nothing more than one long, angsty, UST-y conversation. And this happened.

PAIRING: Batman/Gordon
SUMMARY: PWP. A moment within a long and complex friendship. Takes place in modified comics continuity, around the events of "The Killing Joke" and "A Death in the Family." The "child" referred to is Jason Todd. (2nd Robin)

I kissed him only once, through the cowl. )

Night Train

Sep. 4th, 2003 02:03 am
An orphan story: the only fanfic of mine that never found a home anywhere. And a story written without a fandom. I used to think I would write a sequel, but there wasn't anyone to write it for.

One more thing: this was written years ago after I watched 'U.S. Marshals.' Not nearly as good as 'The Fugitive,' but I'm a sucker for sequels; I just like to see all those people again, going on with their lives. I was stranded, however, in the days before laptops, and I was forced to work on my mother's computer.

Some months later, we rented 'The Fugitive', since neither of us had seen it for a long time. We got bowls of ice cream, settled down on the couch and hit 'play.' As the opening credits started, my mother suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, I read that story you wrote."


Then she added: "I liked it."

I don't know which thing was worse.

Pairing: Gerard/Kimble
SUMMARY: After the events of `U.S. Marshals', Gerard makes a late night call.
ObDISCLAIM: Not mine. Theirs.

After they'd waked Newman, after it had finally become very early and Gerard's people had grown quiet and thoughtful, Gerard left them in the bar to find his own way home. )

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