Oh god, look what I dug up from the crevices of the internet. This is so old it was originally posted on USENET.

Some explanation: Back in the glory days of alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, JessinEngland posted a K/S story written entirely in Yorkshire dialect. The plot was kind of the Platonic Ideal of a K/S story: shuttlecraft goes down, there's a storm, shelter in cave, acute-onset pon farr, Kirk steps up, the deed gets done, awkward rescue, McCoy says something snarky. Roll Credits. But then everyone had to have a go, in various lingos, dialects and pseudolanguages, from Silicon-Valley-speak to Internet Troll to stage-German, and then someone asked for Ivory Tower post-modern litcrit language and ... well. This was the result. The genre was called Rude Person stories -- that's a reference to another ASCEM injoke, just go with it.

If you're an academic, this is going to be hilarious. Otherwise not so much.

Unpacking Pon Farr:
Kirk, Spock, and the image of the female void

By R. Person, PhD. )

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