Dec. 4th, 2021 04:43 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm still here. Most of this journal has been set to friends-only, but the content is all still there. Just reply in comments if you need access. <3
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oh hey look what the deep strata of the internet disgorged from 2000 or so

TITLE: World Enough
AUTHOR: Brancher
RATING: G, pre-slash
SUMMARY: Yet another chess story. Isn't it
time for a good old-fashioned chess story?
They play chess. Some more chess. And talk
about Kirk's woman habit.
OBDISCLAIM: Not mine, theirs. No profit.

this fic was posted when the world was young )
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I finished Punisher Season 2 yesterday and I'm mad?????????????

spoilers & rage )
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Does anyone know if any of the fic by findmyantidrug/heartstrickledown was archived anywhere?? they've up and vanished from the internet.
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honestly women fucking masc monsters is all about the monstrous feminine, it's about the elements in women that find a sympathetic mirror in monster boys, it's about making our selves visible through our desires and the objects of those desires
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This is entirely the fan formerly known as Eugene's fault.

Title: Manbun and Supermanbun
Fandom: Watchmen
Pairing: Dan/Rorschach/Laurie
Rating: Gen
Summary: Dan gets a manbun. That's it that's the fic

The blond dye-job grows out slowly. )


Dec. 27th, 2018 06:48 pm
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I've been watching The Last Kingdom, and there's a smart, calculating king with designs on a unified empire for the greater good, and a hotheaded warrior who's brilliant at battle strategy but terrible at people, and they're both very proud and don't trust each other, and I feel like [personal profile] astolat and [personal profile] cesperanza have me trained to expect that the story should maneuver these two together so that they realize that united they will be an unstoppable force and fall in epic broship/hot sex together, and that JUST ISN'T HAPPENING AND I'M INCREDIBLY PUT OUT
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You should definitely go read this hilarious AND HOT story that [personal profile] cupidsbow wrote for me IMMEDIATELY: Venom starts to get an inkling that Eddie has been underplaying this whole pipe-cleaning business.
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"The notion that straight people who approach sex unconventionally are comparable to gay people is predicated on a conception of gayness as sexual deviance. It’s homophobic."

this is it

this is why all those baby gays think “queer” is a slur

it’s because they think sexual deviance is WRONG

and that’s it’s important to stipulate that the way gay people have sex is NORMAL and NOT DEVIANT

and “queer” is a term predicated on deviance

It literally means “at a 90 degree rotation to the norm”

And therefore MUST BE BAD AND A SLUR


babies, people marched and died for your right to be deviant. The entire idea of the queer movement was to uncouple the idea that NORMATIVE=GOOD and DEVIANT=BAD. Gay sex is, in fact, not the norm, and it will never be the norm and that is FINE. Straight people who approach sex unconventionally are not the norm either and that is ALSO FINE. The entire point is that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PERSECUTE YOU because of your non-normative desires or practices. You do not have to redefine your sex practices as “not sexual deviance” to have the right to practice them in peace.

That’s why “queer” is such a necessary term, because “queer” will move as society develops and the Overton window of normative sexual practices changes. Gay sex may end up to be more normative than some kinds of straight sex, and the queer movement and queer theory will still be there for the people having queer straight sex, to defend them against persecution on the basis of deviance.

Honest to god I'm so worried about the next generation sometimes
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someone left the following comment on They Say of the Elves over on AO3: 

Very nice but not explicit

I honestly don't know if this is a complaint? But it made me start thinking about what I'd do if I DID write a smutty sequel today. All these years later I'm not sure I have it in me to write Gimli as quite as self-loathing as he is in TSotE -- I wrote that story when I was a 21-yr-old, angsty virgin, which is another reason why it's not explicit -- but I'm torn about how I'd depict sexual norms of dwarves.

Part of me thinks they all learn advanced fucksmith techniques around the same time they learn goldsmithing, and it's considered part of your dwarven virtù repertoire that every adult dwarf has to master, along with, like, gemcutting and extemporaneous poetry elocution. And of course dwarves are very into toys -- you probably have to make your own dildo as a senior project in fucksmith class -- and while they're not exactly promiscuous, entering into a sexual partnership is considered tantamount to an artistic partnership where you are both expected to bring all your skills to bear on a joint project.

Whereas Elves just kind of get drunk and give each other exquisite handies, lalalalalally, welcome to the valley.

I could definitely be persuaded otherwise, though. Hmmm.

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hey Symbrocks get on this prompt fest:
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this is barely fanfic, but ...

you guys I just realized that the entire “turd in the wind” speech was Eddie talking

imported from my short-lived tumblr )

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