Fandom: Batman, general
Pairing: Gen(!)
Summary: It would have been his secret life.

He remembers the pearls breaking. )

Night Train

Sep. 4th, 2003 02:03 am
An orphan story: the only fanfic of mine that never found a home anywhere. And a story written without a fandom. I used to think I would write a sequel, but there wasn't anyone to write it for.

One more thing: this was written years ago after I watched 'U.S. Marshals.' Not nearly as good as 'The Fugitive,' but I'm a sucker for sequels; I just like to see all those people again, going on with their lives. I was stranded, however, in the days before laptops, and I was forced to work on my mother's computer.

Some months later, we rented 'The Fugitive', since neither of us had seen it for a long time. We got bowls of ice cream, settled down on the couch and hit 'play.' As the opening credits started, my mother suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, I read that story you wrote."


Then she added: "I liked it."

I don't know which thing was worse.

Pairing: Gerard/Kimble
SUMMARY: After the events of `U.S. Marshals', Gerard makes a late night call.
ObDISCLAIM: Not mine. Theirs.

After they'd waked Newman, after it had finally become very early and Gerard's people had grown quiet and thoughtful, Gerard left them in the bar to find his own way home. )

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