I don't know where this is all suddenly coming from, but this story takes place somewhere in, around, or after the quasiverse following [livejournal.com profile] viva_gloria's two Elizabeth-Swann-as-slasher stories, which are here and here, and my own interpolation of those stories, which is here.

This has some actual sex in it.

TITLE: Inspiration
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth/Jack (in absentia)
ObDisclaim: not mine, theirs
Summary: You take inspiration where you find it

She is getting to the good part, the really good part, and there is ink all over her hands. )
Pairing(s): Jack/Will (imagined), Jack/Will/Elizabeth (intuited),
Jack/Anamaria (barely avoided).
ObDisclaim: not mine, theirs.
Summary: This is an *authorized* sequel to Gloria Mundi's very
brilliant story ``The Swordsmith and the Pirate: A Romance of the Spanish Main', by Elizabeth Turner.'' It takes place a year or so after; Elizabeth (and perhaps Will) have discovered the wonders
of mass distribution.

She could hear him before she could see him. )
Pairing: J/W/E
Summary: He'd give that treasure back if he could.
ObDisclaim: not mine, theirs.
Archive: OK All

The sea sways, and the ship sings, the ping of rope against metal, wooden plank on plank. )

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