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TITLE: Teshuva pt. 7
FANDOM: Watchmen
PAIRING: Dan/Rorschach/Laurie, heavy on the Rorschach/Laurie
SUMMARY: Part of the Triage series. Teshuva: (hebrew) repentence, commitment to change, confession; a return.

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Part 2
Part 3
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Part 5
Part 6

There's a man in the back of the dojo, and she recognizes him instantly.

It's Dan, leaning against the wall by the door in windbreaker and jeans. He's cleaning his glasses. When he puts them back on he sees her and raises his eyebrows, and she sends back what she knows is her absolute best dazzling smile. She's so glad to see him it hurts.

The class is already warming down, so she tells Dolores to take over counting the stretches. Then she takes Dan by the wrist and hustles him into the back office."Laurie --" he says, as she shuts and locks the door, and he doesn't get much further before she has him pressed up against the cinderblock wall. He makes that wonderful little whimper as she kisses him, and it's so familiar that it almost makes her want to cry. She's usually not as rough with him as she wants to be, but this time she lets herself just maul him for a little. When she pulls back, his pupils are dilated and his hands on her waist are so cold she can tell he must be hard as a rock.

"So you missed me?" Dan asks a little breathlessly, and she grins and kisses him again. He breaks away long enough to gasp, "Your -- isn't your class still out there? What if --"

"Yeah? What if?" she says, and bites his nipple through his shirt. Dan makes a high-pitched noise that can almost certainly be heard through the door.

"Oh shit, Laurie," he mutters, and she feels one of his hands come down to palm her ass, lovingly, the way he sometimes caresses Archie's curved hull.

Laurie just grabs his belt on either side and turns him around, walks him back until his knees hit her desk and his eyes widen with shocked delight.

"No," he says. "You wouldn't really...?"

She gives him a hard shove and he sprawls back obligingly, scattering pens and her adding machine and the envelopes she uses to collect the evening's fees, and Laurie climbs up on top of him, straddling one leg and getting to work on opening his jeans.

"Um," Dan says, "belt--"

But she already has the fly unbuttoned and she can't be bothered to pause. Dan undoes the belt himself, his hands clumsy with lust, as she reaches into his boxers and grasps him, hot and silky and solid.

She leans away to peel down her own sweatpants and briefs, and Dan groans as she rises back over him, lines him up, and sinks down. It's such a relief to get him inside her that she groans with it, reaching down to wedge a finger in alongside him just to feel how tight he's stretching her. Dan whines in the back of his throat and flings one arm over his face, biting at the inside of his own wrist to muffle himself.

"Good," she breathes. "So good, Dan, you feel so good like that." He bucks, but she digs her nails in and says "No," and he subsides and lets her ride him, fucking herself on him with each thrust of her hips.

He's shaped just right, just the right size, and she rolls her hips to get him deeper. Dan just hangs on and gasps, until she pulls his hand away from his face and guides it behind her so he can get a thick finger in her ass. "God, yes," she breathes as he eases in, and he stares up at her, his eyes wide, and then shuts them tight as he comes.

She rocks on him a little longer, working at her clit, and comes just before he's soft enough to slip free. When she collapses on top of him, his clean hand comes up to stroke the back of her head. She pats his flank a little smugly.

"I missed you too."

"Fuck, Laurie."

She grins into his chest. "That was the idea, yes."


Their favorite Vietnamese bakery is a block away. They get coffee and a plate of banh ngot, Dan's favorite, and sit in the tiny courtyard in the back.

Laurie takes a long sip of the coffee, tooth-looseningly sweet and piping hot. "Ok," she says. "What did you find?"

He tells her. When he's done, they sit in silence.

"Jesus," Laurie says finally.

"Yeah," Dan says. "There's a name, too, in the file -- his mother. I could look her up, but I'm not going to. I feel like I already know more than I should, more than he'd ever want me to know."

Laurie puts a hand over his; it's warm and dry. "Dan, I still think we did the right thing," she says.

He looks up. There are lines under his eyes she doesn't remember from before. "How can you say that?"

"Dan," she says, and thinks of all the things she can't possibly tell him. How good he is; how gorgeous, in his own way; how grateful she is that he has seen her messy and violent and mean, and still wants her. How terrified Walter is of him, but not for the reasons Dan thinks.

"When did it start?" she asks instead.


"When did you start thinking about him?"

He does that thing where he blinks at her -- innocently, owlishly -- as if she's never seen him dismantle a Knot-Top without breaking a sweat. She stares him down, and his gaze hardens, goes honest and raptor-like.

"I always did," he says. "But I mean, everyone thinks about things, right? Like when you stand on the edge of the subway platform. You always think about jumping down, just because you could -- but everyone has those thoughts. It doesn't mean you have to -- you don't have to act on it. There are a lot of things you don't have to act on."

"Like the costumes," she says.

He sighs and looks down at their shared hands. "Yeah. And ... ropes. Handcuffs. Gags. A lot of the things we do. I knew I was a freak, there was just no reason to do anything about it."

"I like freaks," she says, and he unexpectedly bursts out laughing. "What? You think I'm sticking around with the two of you for my health?"

"Are you?' he asks, sobering. "Sticking around? With ... the two of us?"

"Well, what do you think we're doing here?" she asks him back. "Seriously. We never talked about this. And now I have a pint-size recovering sociopath in my apartment, and you look like hell, so what are we doing, Dan? What do you want?"

He looks up at her, then. "Nothing without you, that's for sure."

She didn't realize she was holding her breath until she lets it out. "Well, that's good." she says. Her tear ducts feel twitchy. "Good," she says again, and gives his hand a little squeeze.

"Um. If that's all right," Dan says. He sounds so nervous she almost laughs at him.

"Are you serious?" she says. "You're stuck with me, bird boy. Ok?"

"Ha, ok," he says, and she feels him squeeze back. "I thought ... well, you know how threesomes are always supposed to end up, right?"

"Listen, Dreiberg, I am not walking out on you for the midget, ok?"

"Ok," he says again. They hold hands until they both feel a little embarrassed, and she lets go to pick up her coffee cup.

"So," she says over the brim. "What about Rorschach?"

"You mean Walter, now, right?"

"Whatever. What about him?"

Dan sighs and leans forward with his head in his hands. "I don't know what's ok to want, here, you know? I mean. It just seems like too much to ask for."

"Ok," she says. "Then, we're on the same page."

He looks up, eyes widening. "Really? You'd really be ok with --? You used to hate the guy."

"I didn't know him." she says. "Now -- I mean, he's no picnic, he's damaged as hell, he likes the fucking Andrews Sisters--"

"Wait, what?"

"-- he's Rorschach, he's always going to be Rorschach, no matter what he calls himself. And I --" she sighs. "Dan, I love you. I'm in love with you." He blinks at her, and she realizes she hasn't actually said that to him before. She blushes, shakes it off. "I can't say that for him, I don't know that I'm in love with him. It's not like that. But we're --'" She shakes her head. "Look, if he took off again? I'd go after him. And I don't care how far I'd have to go to get him back."

He looks at her a long time. Then he starts nodding, like they just agreed on something. "Ok," he says, almost to himself. "Ok." Just like that, like a street fight, when a glance between them is enough: they're aligned, they're allied.


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