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Title: Laurie Does Team Sociopath
Pairing: Dan/Rorschach, Laurie/Everyone
Summary: This was written as part of the collaborative Villainsverse AU on kinkmeme, may god have mercy on my soul.
WARNINGS: incest, underage sex, general filth.

At the beginning, no one is sure of the exact relationship between the Comedian and the teenaged girl who calls him "Daddy." She looks enough like him that she might actually be his daughter, but then there's the way his big rough hand rests on her thigh when she curls up in his lap. Dan notices, and he thinks about asking the Comedian if they're fucking, and if so can he borrow her, but he already has his hands full with Rorschach.

It's Rorschach who first learns the truth; Dan finds him shivering and puking his guts up in the bathroom, and when he asks what's wrong, Rorschach chokes out, "Guest room."

Dan ducks into the hall as another round of retching seizes Rorschach, and pokes his head into the guest room to see what the problem is. Laurie's hunkered down on her skinny knees, her mouth stretched around the Comedian's meaty cock, and he's fisting her hair to hold her there. Dan stays long enough to hear him mutter "Just like your mama," before peeling away, repulsed and aroused.

The first one of them she fucks is Adrian. Adrian isn't opposed to underage pussy on principle, but he can take it or leave it. Maybe she senses a challenge, or maybe it's Eddie's idea, a way to get under Adrian's skin. In any case, Dan comes home to find her riding Adrian's lap on the livingroom couch.

"Christ, guys," he says. "Rorschach could have walked in here and seen that. Do you mind? It's only been two weeks, and I don't want to have to scrub dead hooker off the wallpaper again." Adrian ignores him, lost in concentration, and Laurie sticks her tongue out at him as he leaves.

But Dan's next, of course. After a heist, escaping with their haul through the sewers, she corners him against the clammy brick and reaches up to bite his lip.

"Honey," he tries, "You're a little young for me."

"That's not what you were thinking," she says. "When you were staring as my ass all night."

He swallows and she grinds against him. "Please," she says. "I know you'd be gentle. Not like him. He's never gentle..."

"God," Dan groans. Her small hands are unclasping his belt. "Is he ... is he your real father?"

She doesn't answer until he lifts her and braces her against the wall, sliding her down -- damn, she's wet -- onto his cock. "God, yeah," she says, and wraps her arms around his neck. "Yeah, he's my real dad."

"Jesus," Dan breathes, and comes embarrassingly quickly. Laurie smirks at him as she pulls her skirt back down, and that night, when Rorschach smells her on him and throws a fit, Dan has to knock him around until Dan's exhausted and Rorschach is at the edge of unconsciousness.

That's what gives him the idea, and the next time Rorschach fucks up, really fucks up, he's ready.

"No," Rorschach says blankly, staring at Laurie spread out on their bed.

"Come on, baby," Dan says. "This is for your own good. You want to be good, don't you?"

Rorschach makes a wordless moan, and Laurie crawls forward eagerly to undo his fly. When she gets his (stumpy, flaccid, unwashed) cock in her mouth, Rorschach starts to shake. "That's good," Dan tells him. "You're going to fuck her now, and I don't want to hear a word about it, understood?"

He stays till the end to make sure, praising and directing all the way through, while Laurie giggles about how small-dicked Rorschach is, and how scared, and how he was a virgin. Afterwards Dan slips Laurie her twenty bucks and rocks Rorschach until he stops sobbing.

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