Mar. 4th, 2010 09:55 am
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Title: Annointed
Pairing: Dan/Rorschach/Laurie
Summary: Some more face-jizzing, this time of the lady variety, written for kinkmeme. Short. (I actually FORGOT I wrote this until I was rereading it, and got to the second paragraph and went "Damn, this sounds a lot like me." DON'T DRINK AND POST, KIDS.

He curls his fingers inside her, fascinated; there's so much room. He's been inside Daniel before, and he knows how hot and close it feels, but Laurel is different, slick and open. He can feel her body pulse around him. He could never have imagined this intimacy, that he could be so deep inside another person without losing himself.

Laurel is cradled against Daniel's chest, his first two fingers slowly working her clit, stroking it over and over in the same direction. Walter can see her jaw clenching and unclenching, her eyes shut tight, and the strength in her makes him ache with a nameless painful emotion. Dan kisses the side of the neck, her jaw, crooning to her wordlessly as Walter strokes her inside. Pushing up, up, the way she showed him. She was moaning earlier but she's past that now, silent, taut between their hands.

She's been leaking for the past ten minutes or so: rushes of clear fluid timed with the heaving of her clit and the straining pulse of her cunt around his fingers. "Wet," he murmurs, and Dan whispers, "Yeah, she better be."

"No, more," Walter says, trying to clarify, and Dan says, "Oh my god, is she --" But Walter is already hunkering down on his stomach, and Laurel makes a desperate little whine as she spreads wider for him. He can see her now, gleaming and flushed; not at all like what he thought a woman would look like. Butterfly, he thinks, and then he pries her wings apart to see the tiny hole, fluid seeping from it steadily.

"What is--" he begins, but she's suddenly bucking under Dan's touch, her breath seizing, and her body bears down hard around Walter's fingers. A shudder, two, and then a spurt of liquid, warm and pungent, spattering his cheekbones and his mouth. Walter recoils, pulling his fingers free, and Laurie yelps.

Walter's eyes are closed, and he can hear Dan murmuring "God -- oh my god --" his voice soft and full of awe. Walter holds still, feeling Laurel's juices cooling on his skin, the familiar tidal swell of disgust and shame rising in his chest. He lets it come, hunched on the bed, enduring it as it crests, and lets it recede again before he opens his eyes.

They're watching him, and when he meets her gaze, Laurie rasps, "Oh my god, Walter, get over here." She touches his face softly and tells him how good he felt inside her, how fucking hard she came. Dan squeezes his wet left hand and kisses his fingertips.


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